The world of game development demands a constant flow of data – downloading assets, collaborating with global teams, and ensuring smooth game server hosting. But for a gaming development studio in Malaysia, a critical project hit a roadblock: their well-known ISP offered 1Gbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), but with a wait time of a whopping 300 days! That’s where X86 Network stepped in to deliver.

What is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Why is it Important?

Before we dive into the solution, let’s understand DIA. Unlike traditional internet shared with your neighbors, DIA provides a dedicated connection exclusively for your business. Here’s why it matters:

Guaranteed Bandwidth: You get the promised internet speed, eliminating slowdowns during peak development periods.
Unwavering Reliability: A dedicated line minimizes connection drops and outages, crucial for online gaming experiences.
Enhanced Security: Reduced risk of unauthorized access compared to shared connections.

The Challenge: Tight Deadline, Big Capacity

Our client needed a high-capacity DIA connection, with a direct link to Azure cloud services. Their goal? Seamless collaboration on game files with their headquarters in Ghent, Belgium, all within a tight deadline. While Azure offered a solution, utilizing their cloud. But to connect there, they needed to wait 300-day lead time from the initial ISP threatened their entire project.

X86 Network: Delivering Speed and Efficiency

X86 Network stepped up, offering the same high-capacity DIA service in just five months. Not the same, we offered 10Gbps DIA capacity! Here’s how we made it happen:

Dual Powerhouse: We implemented a redundant system with two gateways and dual leased fiber optic lines for maximum uptime and data flow.
Burstable Bandwidth: This feature allows for temporary bandwidth spikes during peak development or testing phases, without compromising overall performance.

The Secret Weapon: Low-Latency Network

There’s more to the story. X86 Network specializes in Data Centre Interconnect (DCI). We leveraged our existing ring network topology in Cyberjaya, connected to Kuala Lumpur and a global network of data centres. This resulted in an incredibly low-latency network, even compared to most cloud providers.

A Twist in the Tale: Bypassing the Cloud

Initially, the plan was to utilize Azure cloud services for file collaboration between Malaysia and Ghent. However, impressed by the low latency offered by X86 Network’s engineered architecture, our client set for a direct VPN connection to their HQ, bypassing Azure altogether.

dedicated internet access

The X-Factor: Speed, Reliability, and Global Reach

The stable and reliable internet connection provided by X86 Network exceeded expectations. Our client seamlessly collaborated effectively with their team in Belgium. This not only saved them valuable time but also led to a long-term partnership with X86 Network. Thanks to our Data Centre Interconnect services that help to link data centre around the world!

Here’s what sets us apart:

Engineered Solutions: We tailor internet connectivity to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance for your business.
Redundancy and Scalability: Our solutions provide built-in redundancy and burstable bandwidth for unforeseen spikes in usage.
24/7 Technical Support: We offer round-the-clock assistance to ensure your business stays connected.
Faster Delivery: Experience significantly faster implementation compared to traditional providers.
Next Business Day DCI Activation: Our Data Centre Interconnect boasts next business day activation with real-time bandwidth monitoring.

Ready to take your business connectivity to the next level? Contact X86 Network today!

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Last Update: March 18, 2024